Silk Lingerie :: Experience the touch of pure Silk

Thanks to its unique material properties finest Silk Lingerie is a truly special experience in terms of wearing comfort, haptic and quality. Sexy high end silk lingerie has a cooling effect in the summer and a warming effect in the winter. Flowing around your body the sultry feeling of silk makes it the perfect choice for romantic moments with your significant other. Enjoy the quality and shine of this precious natural product in its most alluring form and discover the silk lingerie and nightwear of our luxury brands Marjolaine, Luna di Seta and Cotton Club..........

Marjolaine Lingerie

Silk Lingerie :: Luxury Silk-Negligées by Marjolaine

The Silk-Negligées by Marjolaine offer an exclusive world of brilliant colours and finest materials to our discerning customers worldwide. Season by season, the Marjolaine signature material combination of finest silk and precious lace is successfully reinvented, resulting in breathtaking luxury products for the modern women of todays. Highly fashionable and of timeless elegance and beauty, Marjolaine silk can be easily integrated into your wardrobe being a true highlight in contrast with your finest Denim- and Knitwear . In case you didn´t fall in love with silk lingerie and nightwear yet, this is a great opportunity to add this classic item to your personal boudoir and wardrobe. Soon available at OLEANDA.DE

Silk Lingerie :: Silk Lingerie and Nightwear by Luna di Seta

When elegance and a sensual design "Made in Italy" come together, you are most likely looking at an exclusive Negligée by "Luna di Seta". Feel the difference and discover the advantages of finest silk for dreamy nights. The Luna di Seta collections are distinguished by their extravagant Designs and a special love and attention to detail. Refined drapery, a beautiful placement of high quality lace and microtulle with sexy transparencies are representative for the sophisticated Luna di Seta Design. Soon available at OLEANDA.DE

Cotton Club Lingerie :: Silky dreams made in Italy

The Silk Line by Cotton Club is offering exclusive Lingerie and sophisticated Womens Nightwear made of the highest silk qualities available on the market. For years, lingerie-fans worldwide are trusting in the heritage and craftsmanship of this traditional brand located in the heart of Italy. Thanks to high quality finishings and a perfect fit, with Cotton Club Lingerie the discerning woman with a taste for the special things in life, can experience the sensual world of silk on the highest levels.


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