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Cotton Club
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Ritratti Milano
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Luxury Lingerie, Erotic Lingerie and Nightwear Online Shop


Luxury Lingerie, Erotic Lingerie, Nightwear & Designer Swimwear

Welcome to, your Online Shop for sexy Luxury Lingerie,Erotic Lingerie, Nightwear, Designer Swimwear and more. Enjoy browsing our exclusive range of high end lingerie of brands like Cotton Club, Bordelle Lingerie, L'Agent by Agent Provocateur, Lise Charmel, Crescentini Lingerie Private Collection, Marjolaine, Valery Lingerie etc. - Various push-up bras, lace bras, slips, strings and breathtaking teasing lingerie await you in in our online store. Thanks to years of experience in selling high end lingerie and erotic lingerie we will be glad to help you with any question you might have about our products and the perfect fit. Please call our Oleanda Service-Hotline, use the Live-Chat Support on the website or just send us an email. We are always at your service!

Your Online Shop for Luxury Lingerie and Erotic Lingerie of the top brands

Always looking for truly sophisticated and high quality products for our discerning customers worldwide, we have selected an exclusive range of the most beautiful Luxury Lingerie and Erotic Lingerie of the top italian, french and various international brands. Explore the latest trends and enter the world of elegance, seduction, glamour and allure with a sexy lingerie set that highlights your femininity and beauty.

Luxury lingerie for modern women

Our exclusive range of selected designer lingerie awaits you. Search and find the most alluring items for your boudoir and make use of our wishlist-service! As soon as you found the the lingerie set of your dreams, just add the items tou your wishlist using the - Add to wishlist Button - and your personal wishlist is ready. Keep it private or share it easily via our e-mail function and make it easy for your loved ones to surprise you!

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